Organising Your Jewellery – Tips for Storage

Do you have boxes and bags of tangled jewellery everywhere and wear very little of it? If you do, Boopydoodle have just a few suggestions to help you see and wear lots more of those rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Untangle (if necessary) and lay out all your jewellery your bed or a table.

Divide it up. You might want to split it up into

* Gold / Silver / Plastic

* Red / Pinks / Blues / Greens / Oranges etc (this is how I do it)

* Rings / Necklaces / Bracelets / Earrings

* Daytime Casual / Evening Glamour

Where you store your jewellery can depend how many pieces you have and their style. If you tend to wear chunkier pieces you will need something larger than the standard jewellery box. If you prefer fine jewellery then a smaller box should work fine for you. I find that jewellery boxes are often too small and can be expensive.

There are lots of alternative ways to store jewellery. I’ve just listed a few to get you started.

* Small to medium size tool boxes from DIY stores have great compartments & drawers.

* Large makeup box have lots of divided section.

* Use a notice board and drawing pins to display necklaces. You can get lovely notice boards with fabric covers. Use an old picture frame and add your own cork board.

* Ask shops that are closing down or refurbishing if they have any mannequins they are throwing away. These are great for hanging lots of necklace and scarves on.

* Use egg cartons for rings and earrings.

The internet is full of weird and wonderful ways to store your jewellery. Just get Googling!

One more tip To keep necklaces tangle free get some pipe cleaners. Find the centre of the pipe cleaner and hang the necklaces from the centre and then twist the pipe cleaner closed. Just untwist it whenever you want to take a necklace off and re twist to close again.