A Great Way To Increase Footfall In A Retail Shop or Store

I’ve been puzzling over this conundrum for a number of years: “How do I get more people to actually come into my shop instead of just glancing in the window and walking by?” A neighbour of mine owns a shop selling perfumes and jewellery, and he came up with an interesting idea which started producing results pretty much immediately (within half an hour!).

My neighbour is called Dave. This morning he took delivery of a lot of new products, including a new range of ladies designer handbags. Dave sells everything at very low prices, but there are some items that he sells at just 50p or £1. His shop is in a small indoor shopping arcade/mall, so he has the advantage of being able to put a table outside displaying some of his goods for sale.

He hung up a lot of the new bags in the window – Some of these bags are very unusual and catch the eye. So already he’s attracting attention not only because there are new products in the window, but also because the bags stand out over the normal run-of-the-mill products like make-up and perfume he sells. Secondly, Dave placed a sign on his table outside the shop saying “All items £1,”. This referred to the items on the table only, of course.

The sign created a lot of attention, mainly because everyone loves a bargain. The items were good quality products, so people were crowding round to get a look at what they perceived to be a fantastic special offer. Next thing you know, people are coming into the shop with £1 purchases, and then looking at all the other goodies inside the shop, and usually leaving with more than they originally came in for!

It’s often so difficult to get people in through the door of your shop, even if you leave the doors wide open, with huge signs flashing everywhere! I think it’s because many shoppers are paranoid about entering a small shop. They feel like they are being watched, and it can be uncomfortable to shop under this imagined pressure.

Dave sold some of his new handbags today, and a lot of £1 items. I know for a fact he went home smiling this evening. It also set me off thinking about how I might apply the same techniques to entice more customers into my t-shirt printing shops. I have thought about stocking smaller items that complement t-shirts, such as pin badges (buttons), belts, wallets, sunglasses etc. I’ve already ordered some badges, and I’m trying to source some cheap wholesale sunglasses. I’ll put them on a display stand outside the shop, with the items priced as low as possible. This should work as “bait” to make get people into the shop and hopefully taking an interest in the t-shirts that I have for sale. I’ll post the results after a few weeks of testing.

Story of Louis Vuitton and Louis Vuitton Designer Bags

Louis Vuitton was born in France in 1821. At the age of 14 he travelled to Paris by foot. At the age of 16 he became developed a skill in luggage making. The way that Vuitton got taught would enable him to work in a business by himself and set the stage for when he later started the creation for one of the most desired brands in the world. Vuitton opened his own shop in 1854 in Paris.

Louis Vuitton which is commonly shortened to LV has been a French fashion house founded since 1854. The label LV is well known for its monogram and is featured on all their products, such as leather goods ready-to-wear shoes, watches, jewellery and many more. All of Louis Vuitton products are sold through small boutiques in high-ended department stores. It’s one of the leading international fashion houses in the world. The manufactures of LV since 19th century are still making the luggage by hand.

When Louis Vuitton first started he made large trunks and luggage, he also made handbags which were mostly made out of leather. In 1888 Louis came out with a new damier pattern which was a light brown checkerboard and dark brown boxes which was making it look like a classic and luxurious look. Soon after in 1896 Vuitton came out with the classic line, the monogram Canvas, which is a known icon of the LV brand today, it is the most popular to this day.

The line originally was created in the 12 classic styles; over time Vuitton decided that he wanted to add monogram canvas. In 1924 Vuitton had added the Keepall plus in three different sizes, then again in 1932 added the noe handbag.

Now that Louis Vuitton is selling all his goods at a high price, while the lower quality goods were rapidly available, we had to know that people were going to use this to trade in cash to this opportunity. LV is the most replicated designers, while some people say that it is the biggest compliment you could give someone. The replicas of sold Louis Vuitton bags are really common in the USA, If you live in a large city you may notice it yourself.

If you happen to notice a Louis Vuitton bag sold at a price which is cheap it is made from poor quality materials and are also sold for half the price a normal Vuitton bag is sold for.

Christmas Shopping – Do it Online, Do it Easy

It’s holiday season, a time of warmth in the middle of the winter chill, a time to share the joys of life with one’s loves ones, a time to rejoice in the festive spirit that lights up even the most disenchanted soul. And thanks to all-new Christmas gift ideas, showering your near and dear with love and warmth has never been so easy.

Forgot to buy a Lego set for your niece? Could not find time to get a box of Swiss chocolates for your fiancee? Or don’t know what to get your mom and dad? Well, no need to panic. With last minute Christmas online shopping, you can afford to put off buying gifts for your friends and relatives. Be it custom-made chocolates and flower bouquets, or exclusive Swarovski jewellery, or accessories like watches, you can get all this and more on websites that sell Christmas gifts.

For those of you who are looking for unconventional options, these websites offer out-of-the-box ideas. You can buy rock posters for teenagers, purses and bags for office colleagues, tennis racquets and basketballs for sports enthusiasts, DVDs and Blu-Rays for movie freaks, or even treadmills for weight watchers. And how about a digital camera for your dad, or an electric chimney for your mom?

Innovative Christmas gifts ideas are sure to surprise your friends and family. And personalised gifts like coffee mugs with messages, or painted t-shirts and plates, are ideal for immediate family and close buddies. There are also formal cards that you can send your cousins and friends in faraway lands. Spreading Christmas cheer is now simple as one-two-three. Just log on to your favourite online shopping website, make sure it’s safe to shop with, and choose your gifts. You may also avail of special discounts and combo offers.

Some websites will also offer a basket of gifts for the whole family, with everything from cakes and candles to fragrance and other standard gifts that everyone is bound to love. So now Christmas time need not be a time of frantic trips to the mall to pick up whatever is available after the whole town has already taken their picks. Relax, sit back in your chair and order all you need online.

And when you cannot physically deliver a present to a loved one, you can trust your site to deliver chocolates and flowers to them right on time. Christmas online shopping is a boon for all last-minute shoppers who can now get the best gifts sitting at home.